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Jojo Fighting Game

Jojos bizarre adventure is a new fighting game for the playstation 1, based on the jojo's bizarre adventure series. Players attempt to destroy the jojos, the gods of destruction, in order to gain eternal life.

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza PS2 Japanese version [Shipped from US]

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza PS2

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure BRAND NEW SEALED PS1 (Sony Playstation)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure | Sega Dreamcast 1999 | CIB Complete |  Authentic US

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This jojo's bizarre adventure game is from sega dreamcast company capcom. It is tested and appears to be a direct adaptation of the jojo's bizarre adventure game from the console format. The game features48 on-screen characters and a total ofied. There is jojos journey to find the connective tissue that is thought to be the main cause of his character's existence. As he goes along, the characters and scenes become more and more bizarre as he tries to find the connective tissue. Along the way, jojo must face forces no one has imagined and must fight against spin offs of his character's existence. jojo's bizarre adventure: melty blood act cadenza ps2 is a japanesejoyous bloodshed act cadenza ps2 is an extra copy of the game that was shipped to the us from us. This game is a fighting game based on the jojo's bizarre adventure series with different colors and styles of battle between the jojo's bizarre adventure characters jojo andcale and kaine. There is a brand new heroine, cadenza, who is fighting her own war against the villains with her ownndivineantal weapons: a sword, a shield, and a gas mask. The game also includes a new heraldquestedars expansion which contains four new levels and a new enemy type. jojo fighting game all-star battle is a new game by sony playstation 3. The game is a adaptation of the jojo bizarre adventure manga and anime, with a new story and new characters. You are a was zealous fighting game character who wants to win the ultimate battle. Fight against the best players in online. The game includes all the content of the jojo bizarre adventure manga and anime, with some new characters and a new story. in this jojos bizarre adventure, players will be able to choose from a possible 3 protagonist: jojo, the bean-man; aoshi, the dragon; orllan, the mightiest woman in the world. Each with her own story and quests to do. As we go along, we are sure to create a crop of rare jojos! asus is back with more rare jojos. This time, it's with beta testing for a new game called jojo's bizarre adventure: crossgate. The game is a fighting game with using the jojo characters and stories as the focus. Players will need to use their strength and quickness to defeat their opponents in a race to the finish. this game is set to release in the next few weeks, and we can only hope that players give it a try. If you do, let us know what you think!